Setting Bridge and Switch mode

Today many products that have additional Mikrotik Router switch chipset components. This chipset is connected to multiple ethernet ports, which in turn can make some of the works more like a port switch, where the client can use the underlying IP in the same segment. Ethernet connected and the number of switches chipset on each product is different. To find out, should be viewed in detail the device data sheet. This condition can affect the future use and how to configure each device.

For example, the product Cloud Router Switch (CRS) series. The product is a product of the switch can also be configured as a router. All ethernet and SFP (if any) connected on a switch the same chipset. So if you want to really function as a switch, a configuration that can be done is to direct all ether1 ethernet to use as the master port.

There are several products RouterBoard where ether1 regarded as WAN interfaces so
it can not switch. There are also devices that are divided into several groups in a single router interface, such as RB2011 product series. The device has a 10 port ethernet switch chipset and 2, wherein the switch models, divided into two groups of switches, ie group1: ether1-ether5 and group 2: ether6-ether10. That way, if we want RB2011 device is only used should a switch, could not be immediately directed all ethernet using ether1 as master-port.

Master-ethernet port can only be used within the same group switch. For example, ether6 could not use ether1 as master-port, because it was a different group of switches. Likewise with ether7-ether10.

So what's the solution?
The solution is to do switching configuration in each group advance. Group 1, ether2-ether5 directed master-port to ether1. Group2 namely ether7-ether10 directed his master-port to ether6.

The next step is to configure the master-Bridging for each port on the switch group. Namely ether1 and ether6 combined use of mechanisms Bridge.

This concept can also be applied to devices that have a wireless interface, such as CRS125-24G-1S-2HnD-IN, RB2011-2HnD, and so forth. Switch chipset is only connected to the ethernet interface, not for wireless. So if you want a wireless IP used one segment with ethernet, then the solution is to add a wireless interface on a bridge made earlier.

With so RB2011 been functioning should an ordinary switch. Either wired or wireless LAN client will use the same network segment.

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