Hotspot Authentication Using Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is a service that is owned by the windows operating system for networks such as Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012. Active Directory consists of databases and directory services. The database is owned by Active Directory to store all the resources available in the network, such as computers that have been joined to a domain, a list of user accounts and user groups, shared folders, and others.As already known, AAA Mikrotik not only be done on the device itself, but can also use an external database of the RADIUS Server. This time, we will experiment with combining MikroTik with Active Directory on Windows 2003.

Service that can be used to be able to create a centralized AAA server is a component in Windows Internet Authentication Service (IAS). In addition, this service will act as a liaison between MikroTik Router with existing user database in Active Directory using standard RADIUS protocol.

Settings in Windows Server

Usually the IAS service is not yet active component in Windows Server, so it needs to be added and activated first. Click Start -> Control Panel -> Add / Remove Programs -> Networking services

Register components / IAS service in Active Directory so user-friendly in it can later be inserted and
used by IAS

Add Radius Client, that other devices that will use the IAS service.

Follow the steps to complete by entering data Mikrotik Router will use the IAS service.

Settings in Windows Active Directory

The next step is setting on the Active Directory component. Typically, there are already some users in a Windows Active Directory domain. The choices can use existing user or create a new username and password for authentication on Mikrotik hotspot. In this experiment, the steps taken is to add a new user. How to click Start -> Administrative tools -> Active Directory Users and Computer

Follow the steps to finish up the new user object has appeared on the list to the right. So that the user can be used by the IAS, the necessary adjustments to the user group setting user properties made earlier.

Setting Mikrotik

Setting done on Mikrotik Hotspot is setting the standard as has previously been discussed. The difference lies only in Hotspot settings and RADIUS server profile with adjustment with Windows Active Directory.
First, the login method on the hotspot server profile.

At the time of the experiment is done, simply log-by = HTTP-PAP can be used. If you use another type, the username of AD can not be used. Do not forget to enable the use of RADIUS.

The next set RADIUS menu by entering service, IP Windows AD and share secret

Mikrotik settings until this step is complete. If done hotspot login attempts, it will look at the menu Hotspot Active users who are connected with the flag "R" or Radius.

Unfortunately in AD are not too many parameters that can be custom configured, for example, to limitations uptime, speed data transfer and quotas. But the army would make it easier if the network implement a system windows domain / workgroup so that with a single username, Client can log in to various services, including hotspot Mikrotik.

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