How to setting MikroTik with Android via Webfig

Now, to overcome these limitations we can use Webfig, which use Android Webfig in a very easy and practical because it does not need to install additional applications. We just use the
existing web browser on Android to access and remotely Webfig Mikrotik.

Okay, enough of its preamble, before the start of stale let her go to Tutorial Mikrotik:

1. Make sure you're on WiFi Mikrotik and can be accessed by Android.
2. Connect Android to Wifi Mikrotik.
3. Open the Web browser on Android.
4. Enter the IP address in the Address Bar Browser Mikrotik.

5. Webfig page will appear and ask you to enter data Login Mikrotik.
6. Enter your Username and Password Mikrotik -> Click Login
7. After a successful login, you can configure Mikrotik easily use this Webfig.

8. Congratulations, now you can Setting Mikrotik easily without bothering to use the Laptop. 

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