Block MAC Address Search in Winbox Configuration

Winbox Mikrotik can search / find Mikrotik devices connected to the network PC / our Laptop. With Winbox features we can know the Mac Address, IP Address, Identity Mikrotik, RouterOS version, and its Routerboard types as shown below:

This feature can certainly help us to identify Mikrotik connected to
our network. But with this feature will also reduce network security especially Mikrotik itself, because it can be found by anyone using Winbox. Even worse if the person to be able to log into his Mikrotik and ruffled configuration in it.
Therefore, it would be better and safer if the search feature in Winbox Mikrotik is blocked only. So when anyone opens winbox and do a search, our Mikrotik will not appear on the Winbox search.

We go to How to Block Searches Winbox Mikrotik:

1. Download Winbox Mikrotik.
2. Login Mikrotik via Winbox
3. Go to the Tools menu -> MAC Server -> MAC Ping Server -> Uncheck MAC Ping Server Enabled

4. Go to the tab Winbox Interface -> Click on "all" -> Click to disable cross

5. Go to the IP menu -> Neighbors. Here interfaces connected to other devices will appear.

6. Sign Interfaces Discovery tab -> Select the interface which will be blocking search Winbox -> Click cross.

7. Now try opening Winbox again and try to do a search. Proxy will not be found by Winbox as shown below:


This tutorial besides blocking search winbox will also block login via MAC Address Mikrotik. So Winbox can only log in using the IP address alone. If you still want to be able to login via MAC Address, steps 3 and 4 above can be bypassed.

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