Share USB Modem Internet with MkroTik

How to Share USB Modem Internet connection with Mikrotik - Several new types of Mikrotik have already supported USB port that can be used for a variety of things. Device like a USB port on a PC, can be used for
additional storage media such as USB flash. Besides, it can also function as an interface to connect the modem 3G/EVDO. It makes Mikrotik devices become more flexible in installation, especially in a location that is not affordable internet connection that normally using a wired or wireless.

RouterBoard device that has a USB interface support discrete coded "U" as in RB411U, RB411UAHR, RB433UAH, RB751U-2HnD, RB751G-2HnD, RB750UP and so on. (Note: To RB411UAHR USB power injector is required to turn on a USB device).

This article gives a step by step tutorial to use the USB port for modem functions, as a picture of the network, this tutorial uses the RouterBoard Indoor RB751U-2HnD and 3G sierra 881U modem, which forms the topology like the one in the image below:

Here are some steps we have to do in the configuration: 

IP Address
The first step is adding IP address in the router on the interface that will be used for the local network. 

Wireless Access Point
The next is to enable wlan1 interface as an access point for the distribution of wireless connection to the local network.

For DNS settings, we need to enable the parameter "allow remote request" so that our client can request the DNS to our router.

USB Devices
If the IP interface (Ethernet and wireless) and DNS is configured, then we pair our 3G modem into the USB port on the router. The thing we need to check is the "/system resource usb".
For devices that already supported by Mikrotik, usually a new USB device will appear automatically. Mikrotik also will create a new interface "ppp-out1". 

PPP Dial-Out
To enter the Username, Password and APN from our providers, we enter them in ppp-out1 interface that has been created by Mikrotik.

NAT Masquerade
The last step, we have to add srcnat masquerade for ppp-out1 interface so that the client can access to the internet.Note: Make sure that your modem is already recognized by OS Mikrotik.

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