How to Setting Mikrotik RB750 with Winbox

Here is how Setting Mikrotik RB750 with Speedy Internet connection. Here dial to its Speedy directly from Mikrotik, do not use an ADSL modem.

1. Please set your ADSL modem to mode 'BRIDGE', so if still mode 'PPPoE' please 'RESET' and resetting the modem.

2. Reset also his Mikrotik RB750 is
new or when using the default settings the default Mikrotik. Here's how:
- In Winbox Select Menu System -> Reset Configuration -> Reset Configuration

- Reboot Mikrotik

3. Next, we start with the Log In Winbox and choose the Mac Address (Do IP Address) for connection to Mikrotik.

4. Change the name of its Interface
At Winbox Select Menu Interface
Click [+] click 2x ether1 Name = Speedy
Click [+] click 2x ether2 Name = Local

5. Change IP Address Mikrotik
At Winbox Select Menu New Terminal, type:

"/ ip address
Copy-Paste the following code:

add address = / 24 network = broadcast = interface = Local
add address = / 24 network = broadcast = interface = Speedy

6. Adding PPP - PPPoE Client
At Winbox Select Menu PPP - click [+] - PPPoE Client
General Tab Name = ppp-speedy1 Interfaces = Speedy
Tab Dial Out Internet Service = User = ****01***2** (Speedy your username) Password = (Password Speedy) Profile = Default Checklist on Menu and Select 'Add Default Route & User Peer DNS 'Select Allow Checklist Menu all, OK.

7. Adding DNS
At Winbox Select Menu IP -> DNS -> Settings
When DNS servers already appeared, just give a checklist on Select Menu 'Allow Remote Requests', OK
Also use the DNS Server to PC Client Billing & your PC
For more details about the DNS please read this article How to Configure DNS Server Mikrotik.

Setting first PC / Computer is used for the installation process your proxy. Here's how:
Open Control Panel - Network Connections - Local Area Connection - Right click and select Menu Properties - Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) - Properties.
Use the Following IP Address: IP Address = Subnet Mask = Gateway =
Use the Following DNS Server Addresses: Use DNS Server and Alternate DNS Server that exist in the DNS settings last time.
Setting Mangle TCP / UDP Port

9. Change Time Zone on NTP
Because some RouterBoard / Mikrotik not use battery CMOS, so that the time zone RouterBoard / Mikrotik running normally then should we setting.
At Winbox Select Menu System -> NTP Client
For more details please see here What is NTP? Setting NTP Client in Mikrotik.

10. Adding the Firewall configuration NAT (Network Address Translation)
At Winbox Select Menu IP -> Firewall -> NAT Tab or Open New Terminal and type:

/ ip firewall nat
add chain = srcnat src-address = / 24-out-interface = pppoe-speedy1 action = masquerade comment = "NAT from output to Speedy"
add chain = srcnat src-address = out-interface = Local action = masquerade comment = "NAT from output to Local"

Up here Mikrotik RB750 you should be able to connect to the Internet, please try to do in his Mikrotik and try browsing of PC Client. If successful means Settings are correct.

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