Upgrade Router OS MikroTik in Winbox

To upgrade the latest version of Router OS is one thing to be considered by Mikrotik users.  By upgrading Router OS version, then your Mikrotik will get new features as well.  For example, for Mikrotik with Router OS version is 5.2 and
where user manager has not been installed, then it has to be upgraded to the latest version (e.g. 5.24) so that you can install user manager package from Mikrotik download page.

Well this time Mikrotik Wiki tutorial will discuss how to upgrade Ruoter OS version with the example to upgrade router RB751U-2HnD version from Router OS 5.2 to Router OS 5.24. When I wrote this Tutorial, the latest version of Router OS is 5.24.

Here are the Tutorial on How to Upgrade Router OS to the Latest Version:
1. Go to page Download Mikrotik: http://mikrotik.com/download

2. Choose the Router OS type that suits to your RouterBoard, for example, RB751U-2HnD uses the mipsbe RB700 Series.

3. Download the upgrade package file to the Router OS version as shown below.

4. Open the folder containing the downloaded file in Windows Explorer, right-click on the .npk file -> Copy

5. Open Winbox, go to File menu --> click the Paste icon to upload the .npk file.

6. If the upload process was already completed, reboot your Mikrotik. System -> Reboot. The update package will be installed automatically when mikrotik booting process.

7. To check whether Mikrotik Router OS has been updated go to the menu System -> Resources

8. From the picture above, it can be seen if the Router OS version was already updated from 5.2 to 5:24.

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