Seting Simple Queue with PCQ on MikroTik

On this occasion we will discuss a bit about bandwidth management in a proxy simple. distribution of bandwidth in mikrotik can be tailored to the needs and abilities, meaning that we can do
bandwidth limitations ranging from the simple to the most complex depending on network requirements and capabilities of your knowledge in managing some rules proxy for the distribution of the bandwidth.

Equal bandwidth sharing the same sense of using the PCQ

PCQ (Per Connection Queue) is a kind of queue that can be used to divide or restrict traffic for multi-users dynamically with a fairly simple without bothering to make a lot of rule.

Bandwdith division mikrotik with PCQ we use when you want to divide the bandwidth equally (and set the max-limit) for some users. in order to make it easier to understand, we will conduct experiments for the division limit bandwidth of 128 kbps download and upload rates of 64 kbps. note the following topology.

Make PCQ Rule:

In the first step please create PCQ Type 2, one rule for download and one for upload. Dst-Address is the classification for traffic Download, being Src-Address is the classification for traffic additions. PCQ combination can mangle + queue tree or with simple queue.

    / Queue type add name = "PCQ_download" kind = pcq pcq-rate = 128000 pcq-classifier = dst-address
    / Queue type add name = "PCQ_upload" kind = pcq pcq-rate = 64000 pcq-classifier = src-address

1. Using Mangle and Queue Tree

    Mark packets with packet-mark all:

   / Ip firewall mangle add chain = prerouting action = mark-packet new-packet-mark = all passthrough = no

-Make a bandwidth limitation to queue trees

    / Queue tree parent = global add-in queue = PCQ_download packet-mark = all
    / Queue tree add parent = global-out queue = PCQ_upload packet-mark = all

2. Using Simple Queue

If using mangle and queue trees too complicated for you, then can use other options, namely the simple queue rule as follows:

    / Queue simple add queue = PCQ_upload / PCQ_download the target-addresses = / 24

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