How to setting MikroTik RB750r2 hex lite

Some time ago mikrotik has launched the latest generation of RB750 router is mikrotik RB750r2 lite hex that is claimed to have a higher specification than its predecessor. The most prominent change is
the speed of the processor and RAM capacity used. on plain RB750 processor speed was only 400 MHz, while the series RB750r2 doubled to 850 MHz and then on the side ofthe RAM also increased two-fold in which previously used its capacity increased to 32 MB 64MB.

Improved Performance of processor and RAM is of course greatly affect the speed of data processing and rule that is in the router so that the router performance RB750r2 be better than its predecessor. For the design and the price offered from this RB750r2 mikrotik tantamount to RB750 plain
Only one of the router RB750r2's unfortunate that the hard drive capacity of 64MB drastically lowered into a 16MB flash model, if the router is only used as a router only with complex rules which though there is no problem, but if it is used simultaneously as a user radius manager of course, its capacity for it is not enough especially flash system will automatically delete the data if the router RB750r2 at reboot.

As of this writing I am still difficult to store user settings manager in RB750r2 because all the settings in the user manager with both users and package vouchers that have been created will disappear automatically if the router RB750r2 in restart (reboot).

Setting up proxy RB750r2 lite hex generally the same as setting proxy for other-series series. For details you can follow the tutorial how to set mikrotik RB750 withwinbox as I wrote in the previous proxy tutorial.

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