How to Install and Set Mikrotik User Manager

Check whether the User Manager package has been installed on Mikrotik.
Open Winbox, go to System menu -> Packages
If there is no user-manager on the list of packages, it means
that the user manager has not installed yet.

You can also check directly by accessing user manager from the browser. Open your browser and open this address http://ipaddressmikrotik/userman, for example:

If the User Manager feature has not been installed yet, then it will display an error message code 404 Not Found.

But before you can install User Manager Package, you need to upgrade your Mikrotik Router OS to the latest version that is available on the web Why it should be upgraded first? Because the user manager package is downloaded from the web and the package is only compatible with the latest version of Router OS is on the Mikrotik download page. Thus, to be safe please upgrade your Mikrotik Router OS to the latest version. For more details, please read our tutorial on How to Upgrade Router OS to the Latest Version :)

Next, please go to the download page. Select the type of your Mikrotik RouterBoard -> Select your Mikrotik Router OS version -> download All Packages.

Here is the example:
Extract the downloaded file -> copy user-manager.npk file

Open the Files menu in Winbox -> click paste menu -> make sure the user manager package already appears in the list of files.

Reboot to install Mikrotik user manager package automatically.

Please check again in the System menu -> Packages, whether the user manager package already installed.

If it appears on the list of packages, try to access user manager on your web browser as before. Open the browser, access http://mikrotikip/userman, e.g. Then, the Mikrotik User Manager login page should appear.

To log in is the same as the default Router OS login,
username: admin and no password.

If you have already logged in, the dashboard of the manager user will appear:
Now Mikrotik User Manager has been installed and ready for use. For those of you who already use the hotspot feature on the Mikrotik user manager, you can use this feature to simplify user management.

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