How to Block Website Access using Web Proxy Mikrotik

Mikrotik Web Proxy has several functions, one of them is filtering. Web Proxy filtering feature can limit access to certain content which is requested by the client. You can restrict access to
certain sites, specific file extensions, redirect to other sites, as well as restrictions on HTTP access method. This feature can't be done if you're just using NAT.

In this article we will try to block a particular site using the Web Proxy filtering feature. Ensure you have enabled Transparent Proxy feature on your Mikrotik Web Proxy. If you have not done it yet, you can read this tutorial :

Ok, let's Follow these steps :

1. Login to your Mikrotik using Winbox
2. Go to IP --> Web Proxy --> Access --> Add new Rule

3. Add website details
> Dst. Port : port 80
> Dst. Host : fill in the website address you want to block
> Action : choose "deny" to block the website

4. Before you activate the rule, open and check the website you want to block it's can be accessed or not. 

5. Then activate the rule, check again the website you block. The error page will be appear like this picture below.

6. You can redirect the blocked website to another one using the "Redirect To" option. Just fill in the website address you want to redirect to.

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