Description and Function of Router

A router is a device that has the ability to pass the IP packets from one network to another network that may have a lot of lines between them. Routers that are connected to the Internet network participate in a distributed routing algorithm to determine the best path for the IP packets  to pass through from one system to another system. Routing process is
done in hop by hop. IP does not know the entire path of the destination of each packet. IP routing only provides the IP address of the next router that is closer to the destination host.

Router functions:

    It reads address logic / source IP addresses and destination to determine the routing from one LAN to another LAN.
    It stores the routing table to determine the best route between one LAN to another WAN.
    It is a device in layer 3 of the OSI Layers.
    It can be a "box" or an OS that is running a routing daemon.
    It Interfaces Ethernet, Serial, ISDN BRI.

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